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Request Emergency or Routine Pest Control In Green Cove Springs

Living in Florida is wonderful because this state has year-round warm temperatures, but there are also numerous pests. In colder climates, insects and rodents often die in the winter, reducing the population of invasive pests. Fortunately, there are professional pest control companies in Green Cove Springs, FL, making it easier to eliminate the vermin that invade homes and businesses. You may want emergency services to get rid of dangerous vermin, or you might want routine treatments to control invasive pests.

Eliminate Honeybees and Mosquitoes

The biting and stinging insects in Florida can make you miserable with itchy bumps and painful lumps. If you are allergic to beestings, then it is essential to have the beehives removed from your property to eliminate the honeybees. Alternatively, you might have an infestation of mosquitoes that make it impossible to enjoy your backyard in the evening. An exterminator can visit your business or home in Green Cove Springs to find the problem areas where mosquitoes and honeybees live.

Protect a Building From Destructive Termites

While an exterminator is inspecting your commercial or residential property, he will look for the signs of termites. This species of insect thrives in Florida because termites live in wood where there is moisture. If your business or home contains cellulose materials, then termites can invade it to consume the substances. Without fast pest control services, termites can destroy the integrity of a building. Eliminating termites may include a tenting process that covers the entire building to destroy the adult insects and eggs.

Destroy Filthy Cockroaches

No one wants to have cockroaches in a home or business because these insects carry pathogens. When you have cockroaches, the insects can transmit bacteria and viruses to items such as kitchen countertops, eating utensils and dishes. There are several cockroach species in Florida, including:

• American cockroaches
• German cockroaches
Palmetto bugs
• Asian cockroaches

Eliminating the cockroaches on a property requires blocking small entrances, cleaning a building and applying pesticides. Most Green Cove Springs properties will need multiple treatments to get rid of the cockroaches because this is a sturdy insect species. An exterminator will look for the areas where the cockroaches live to eliminate nesting locations. In addition to spraying pesticides in a building, an exterminator may use sticky bait traps.

Humane Rodent Eradication

It is also possible to have disgusting rodents in your business or home, and you must have efficient pest control to eliminate the rats or mice. There are several types of rodents that thrive in Florida, and some types are destructive. Rodents leave body waste on surfaces, and you may see mice or rats traveling along the baseboards in kitchens. Rodents can squeeze through tiny spaces to find food, and you may notice tufts of hair in a kitchen’s cupboards. An exterminator will look for the locations where rodents enter to seal the holes, and he will place humane traps in strategic areas to capture the mice and rats.